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Hi I’m Monique,

Everyone calls me Mo: a dancing, karaoke loving, travelling and adventuring but otherwise down-to-earth Wedding videographer based on the Fraser Coast. My loves are faith, family and fun. I’m a mumma to 4 kiddos and 3 doggos so that keeps me pretty grounded too. I believe good people, find good people, so  I’m so glad you have found me!

My husband August and I were born in Australia to immigrant parents (me German/Philippino and hubby Dutch/Maori). I just love different cultures and grew up recognising and appreciating individual stories and why I believe your love story is unique and deserves to be told.  

My introduction to the wedding industry was as a makeup artist many moons ago. Photoshoots and transformations were my favourite part of that job and that easily translated into videography and photography. Here I can capture beautiful moments and film the culmination of months or even years of planning and effort, all wished into existence with your closest friends and family to support you. You have curated this perfect amazing day: you are just like me a conscious memory maker.

Of course, no day can turn out exactly as planned but that’s ok, because together we are just so grateful for every moment this life gives us and appreciate it’s all apart of it. Your pure joy is a thing of beauty and I want to capture it so that you can relive that day not only for yourselves but for the generations to follow! After all, happiness is contagious and guaranteed you will smile back on it, as will anyone who you share your keepsake with.

My style is easy going and genuine. You’ll find me helpful and considerate, drama-free but directive if you feel you need it. The most important thing to me is that you have the best day ever!

what to expect


We are pretty easy going. We always have an optimistic attitude. We love fun, romantic, unique and real love stories and capture them the best

We can direct you if needed but mostly we film your normal interactions, that’s where the magic happens.

We dress as if we are guests to avoid looking out of place in your guests vision.

Having good communication is important so we don’t miss any key happenings. If you feel you won’t be as approachable on the day ask a friend or your MC to keep us up to date with the schedule of events.

Thank you!

Thank you again for choosing the Mon'Roe Collective to capture your day. We know how important your wedding day it and how you will look back on it for years to come! We can't wait to make some memories with you!

0409 486 464 | Monroecollectiveco@gmail.com

Our business hours are 12-5pm Monday -Friday for responding to emails and messages, weekends we are usually working weddings

Monique Wemmerslager

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